John Pack

John Pack

John Pack

John Pack has directed the Aegean Center since 1984 where he also teaches digital photography. A ferociously proud autodidact he began his formal education in the arts in the Bay Area in the late sixties at the California College of Arts and Crafts. He very quickly became disillusioned with large school pedagogic methods and began his own bold educational journey. The seeds of what he considers is the idea of true education had been planted during his work with Leon Ginsburg and Ignacio Peri at Laney Experimental College in Oakland California in 1970.

After leaving the Bay Area John lived several years on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. Upon leaving the Navajo Nation he taught photography at the University of New Mexico-Gallup for almost three years. At U.N.M. he developed and directed his “Tour of Light” photographic workshops with which he brought UNM students to the U.K. to study, or in his words, “...have 15 days of influence...”, with select British and Scottish photographers. He came to Greece and the Aegean School from UNM. Also a two time scholarship recipient with Ansel Adams, it was during this time he began further refining his own philosophy and approach for a small group Socratic/mentor based educational program in the arts.

He has taught master classes in fine printing at two schools in Athens, Photo Kyklos and Focus. He has exhibited widely and his work is held in museums and private collections world wide, including: Museum of Man, San Diego, California, Museum of Northern Arizona, Wheelwright Museum of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona, Navajo Tribal Museum, Chase Art - New York City, New York Public Library, New York City, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., The Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware, Bibliothéque Nationale de France, Paris, Rivellis Collection, Athens, Greece. He has produced a book of photography in collaboration with British poet, Peter Abbs. His portfolio on the Navajo, with whom he lived in the late 70s, has become a classic. John most recently exhibited his photographs, The Greater Journey,  in Canterbury, England.

The Greater Journey Website

Jane Morris Pack

Head of studio arts at the Aegean Center for more than twenty years, Jane Pack is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. Her BFA from is from Colorado State University and her MFA from the University of Illinois. She has had many solo and group shows in Europe and in the United States. She worked for several years in a fine arts foundry casting bronze and at a display company where she acquired experience in a multitude of materials. She is especially interested in traditional methods of oil painting and her abiding love is the art of the Renaissance and Greek vase painting. Jane's recent work of monoprints and paintings based on The Iliad was exhibited in two locations recently. A limited edition book was published which contains all of the images from her work on The Iliad.



Jane Morris Pack's Personal Website

Jeffrey Carson

Jeffrey Carson

Jeffrey Carson

Jeffrey Carson grew up in New York, where he was educated at Stuyvesant High School and New York University. He did his post-graduate work at Schiller International University. He has lived on the island of Paros since 1970, and has taught at the Aegean Center since 1974, teaching writing, literature, and art history. He lectures on Art History for ElderHostel, was the art book reviewer for many years for New York’s Art Information Report, and lectured on late Roman architecture at the Irish Institute of Classical Studies in Athens. He has published two books of poetry, two of translation (The Collected Poems of Odysseus Elytis from Johns Hopkins U. Press, 1997,) two of travel, and one of literary criticism. His chapbook, The Cow and the Lyre: Archilochos the Poet, was published by the Iowa International Writing Program in 2006. His articles, reviews, poems, translations, and essays have appeared in numerous periodicals. He has lectured at the Symposium on Mediterranean Literature in Malta, the International Symposium on Archilochos, and the Seminar on Odysseus Elytis in Rome. He has given poetry readings at Harvard, New York University, the Athens Center, The Muses’ Workshop on Spetses, and many other places.

Jeffrey Carson Poetry in Translation on Elytis


Euphrosyne Doxiadis

Euphrosyne Doxiadis an artist and writer. She was born in Athens and studied art in Salzburg, at the Cranbook Academy in Michigan, at the Slade School of Fine Arts and the Wimbledon School of Fine Arts in London. In 1995, she published a book on the Fayum portraits, titled The Mysterious Fayum Portraits: Faces from Ancient Egypt. The book received widespread critical acclaim.

She lives and works in Athens and Paros and Paris. She has been associated with the Aegean Center for over 12 years and lectures on the Fayum portraits, encaustic and on Rubens.


Euphrosyne Doxiadis' Book on the Fayum Portraits



Other people who have taught at the Aegean Center.

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Mary Ellen Fullman   Creative Writing

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Yannies Kydoniefs   Ceramics

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