Basic Drawing

A drawing communicates to us over time and space.  The power of a drawing lies in how marks on a page convey the inquiring mind of the artist.   Each drawing is testimony to personal experience and thought, whether it is a quick sketch, a doodle or a prolonged finished work. 

Drawing expands the way we see the world while we render it. To draw sensitively and accurately one needs to adjust perception and deconstruct the world to its simple visual elements: shape and form, negative and positive, light and shadow. 

The basic drawing course at the Aegean Center aims to explore drawing as an art form, in its fundamental concepts and as a means of expression.  By looking at the works of great masters we will consider how drawing has changed over the course of history.  Through the practice and understanding of the elements of drawing, students reach toward fluency and expression of their own visual ideas and concepts.

The course is structured around the idea of how to see, how to render and how to express.   Different core concepts of drawing will be introduced each class.  Students will explore a range of mediums, from pencil, pen, charcoal, pastel, ink and watercolor. 

Drawing is the artist's most immediate means of communicating thought. The ability to translate an idea into a concrete form is both exciting and creative in its process.  As artists must continually hone this skill, both beginning and advanced students are welcome.