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We are very pleased to be offering the following scholarships, grants and fellowships to all applicants, new students and alumni. You may apply for more than one application or grant.

To apply for a scholarship or grant please read and follow the instructions found in each description below. All applications for Scholarships and Grants should be submitted at the same time you are applying for the semester program. All scholarship and grant applications must  be accompanied with a written statement of artistic intention while at the Aegean Center and in some instances an additional personal statement of need. In your application please designate the scholarship or grant for which you are applying. You can apply for more than one scholarship but only one scholarship will be awarded to a single student. In some cases you will be required to submit work samples the preferred method is by way of e-mail attachment in the PDF format. All images should be optimized for the web in size and format and sent to:

THE AEGEAN CENTER ALUMNI FELLOWSHIPS are offered to Aegean Center Alumni. Since the Center’s founding in 1966 there are no clearer voices or important individuals than our alumni, and we are proud to honour them by offering this fellowship. There will be five fellowships offered yearly

THE BRETT TAYLOR PAINTING SCHOLARSHIPS inaugurated in 1996, are offered through the Aegean Center in honor of its founding director, himself a very fine painter, and are limited to four awards each year. These are $2,000 USD merit scholarships and will be granted to intermediate and advanced students who must submit 10 images of recent work along with a personal statement of artistic intention.                      

THE BENJAMIN CLAUDE PADEN SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship is endowed through the kindness of a former student who had a transformational experience at the Aegean Center and is established in the memory of her father, Benjamin Claude Paden. This scholarship is offered each year in the form of two separate scholarships for $1,500 USD each and designated for new incoming students. Please read more about this important scholarship here:

THE OLIVETTI SCHOLARSHIP was made possible through the kindness of Ms. Rosamond Olivetti and the Olivetti Foundation. This scholarship is designated for the Fall Italy Session only. It is the intention of the Olivetti Foundation and the Aegean Center to nurture a cross-cultural understanding between Italy and America through the Center's programs in the arts. This scholarship in the amount of $2,000 USD will be awarded to deserving students involved in any discipline of study offered at the Center and will be selected by the Aegean Center staff. A personal statement of intention must accompany 10 images of an applicant's work. In the case of a writing student, copies of recent work must accompany a personal statement of intention.                  

THE YANNIS KAPAROS SCHOLARSHIP is made possible through an anonymous donation to the Center in the name of Yannis Kaparos, who inspired it. Yannis Kaparos is a remarkable man who owned and maintained a beautiful monastery and gardens above the town of Lefkes on Paros. In accordance with the donor's wish, this $1,000 to $2,000 USD scholarship will be awarded to a continuing student who chooses to do some work in response to the natural landscape of Paros in any medium, including writing. As with all the scholarships and grants, a written statement of need and intention must be provided to the Center along with a few samples of work if you are not a beginning student.                  

TUITION GRANTS are made available directly through the Aegean Center. These grants, between $2,500 to $3,500 USD, are available to any student at any level of proficiency in any field of study who can demonstrate by way of a written statement their need for such assistance as well as their artistic intention while at the Center. Grants are limited and applications are reviewed carefully.                  

WORK STUDY is a requirement of all students receiving any scholarship or grant. Details will be addressed with each individual receiving financial aid.                                                        

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