Figure Drawing

With balance, clarity and restraint the ancient Greeks re-imagined the human form in god like perfection. The world has not seen this supreme level since, although every generation adds to the myriad of possibilities that the human form can express. Figure drawing reinvents itself every decade or so and seeks various aspects to emphasize, but it never disappeared from art tuition. It has long been a badge of artistic success to render the nude. We honor this tradition and consider it crucial to an artist's development.

We are a vain species, seeking ourselves in every encounter. We study the model to understand ourselves. Learning to draw the nude helps us to see beauty in the integration of shape and function. We marvel as the body stretches, turns, reaches. Charcoal and pencil trace these new understandings.

Figure drawing classes take the absolute beginner through steps from smudge to volume, from erratic to contoured. Experienced students find new ways to see simplicity and convince with line. All classes are taught as a progression to build from the last lesson to the next level. Amazing development is commonplace among the attendants.

The figure drawing course meets twice a week.