The theatre class of the Aegean Center revolves around freeing the participant to express through movement and voice.  Exercises are given to encourage the student to use the body with gesture and energy. With playful engagement the group learns to respond to each other, to note vocal and visual clues in order to bond into a working team. Individual approaches to theatrical ideas are honoured and encouraged to form a creative and unique troupe of actors. Specifics of how to use the voice and how the space of the stage affects energy and emotion are explored. A theatrical piece will be chosen which fits the size and makeup of the group.  This will be tailored to bring out a creative and fully expressive presentation which is then performed for the school and public.

All students are welcome to participate.  The class meets twice a week for two hours and extra rehearsal times are called as needed. Once committed to the course the students must fulfill their part in the production of the work.

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