aegean center summer workshops 2019

The Craft of Watercolor

JUNE 10 - 23  (2 Weeks)

 Painting by Liza Court

Painting by Liza Court

Painting in watercolor is a play between the pigments of color, water and the brush.  The drips, marks and layers of paint interweave and enhance one another in the final image.   What may be an accident can be the strongest part of a painting.  Watching the colors move, allowing the water to spread and fill the paper, this is how watercolor becomes a form of meditation.   

In the Craft of Watercolor workshop participants will be immersed in study of watercolor in the ideal setting for the medium.  Painting fundamentals, technique and color will be explored as well as the study of drawing, specifically how tone, brush stroke and line can convey form, space, light and texture. The course will hold group critiques to provide feedback and discourse on each participants' works.  With just few materials needed for plein air painting various sites can be explored easily. The program will also offer scheduled talks and lectures.

The workshop takes place during the sunny month of June. The outdoor environment is accessible for subject matter with just a few materials needed for plein-air watercolor painting. The painting excursions are a wonderful way to explore the sandy coasts, olive groves, hills and port towns of Paros. The emphasis of the workshop is on acquiring the technical skills to interpret the landscape through the spontaneous and elegant medium of watercolor.  

The Craft of Watercolor workshop will hold group critiques to provide feedback and discourse on each participants' works. The workshop will also offer optional lectures and presentations about master watercolor artists through history. The two week long course will conclude with a group show.

"I learned how to paint, to draw to see."
-Jordan Husney from the Aegean Center Chronicle

Instructor: Jun-Pierre Shiozawa

Dates: JUNE 10 - 23  (2 Weeks)

Cost: $3,200

Price Includes:
Workshop instruction

Unlimited access to the Center's entire facility
Some shared taverna meals
Transport for scheduled activities
Boat trip and taverna meal full day excursion

“An additional one week extension on the initial two week course is available, 26 June – 2 July. Please indicate on your application if interested in the extension. ”

The extension is not a separate one week course. It is intended to allow students who attended the first 2 week course the opportunity to work more independently under the close guidance of, Jun-Pierre Shiozawa, and put to use skills obtained during the prior two week course. 

Cost: $4,000 (for 3 week session)

A Typical Day

In the morning after breakfast students gather at the Aegean Center studios. The morning sessions involve studies and conversations about watercolor painting methods and approaches. The morning classes enable participants to have the tools of expression when the time comes to go out on painting excursions.

After the morning course the students have an afternoon break, for lunch and personal time. The workshop then regroups after lunch for painting excursions around the island.  The excursions offer participants the opportunity to see and paint various scenes as well as explore the concepts of watercolor taught in class. 

Evenings are free with optional lectures and presentations at the Aegean Center. The topics include the history of Paros and great master watercolorists through history. Thanks to the long June days, the lectures end before sunset.

Instructor BIO:

Jun-Pierre Shiozawa has been teaching painting and basic drawing at the Aegean Center since 2008. Born in the United States, Jun-Pierre received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in painting. He has lived in Paris and Tokyo where he held several solo and group exhibitions. In 2011, Jun-Pierre was given the Distinguished Artist Scholarship at the Art Student's League of New York where he stayed for a one month artist residency and studied watercolor painting with painter Paul Ching-Bor. In 2015 Jun-Pierre resided in Ireland and participated in the artist residencies of Cill Rialaig Project and Cow House Studios.  This summer will mark Jun-Pierre's sixth year teaching the Craft of Watercolor workshop .


See below for works by click here to see the website of Jun-Pierre Shiozawa


"Even if the days I spent with Jun-Pierre Shiozawa in SUMMER WORKSHOP “CRAFT of WATERCOLOR”, strike me now as a fantasy in the midst of the unspeakable Aegean light, they are certainly a strong experience, which proves that "art is what makes life more interesting than art". Jun is not only an excellent artist, but also an insightful person and instructor. He can make the most out of different personalities from around the world, so they work full time in and outdoors, as if they just enjoy life through their brushstrokes, no matter how mature these strokes can be. The whole environment of the Aegean Center of Fine Arts and other instructors like Jane and John are supportive, offering valuable tips of their expertise. It has been a colorful, rewarding experience, which I just hope I can repeat."
-Eleni Roufani


" Jun's inspiring and motivating summer workshop which combines studio practice and painting trips to different places on such a beautiful island gave me a powerful head start in pursuing my studies in painting."
-Nausicaa Papathanasiou (student at the Athens School of Fine Arts and the Ecole de Beaux arts de Paris )


I am so greatful for being able to express myself in painting and drawing - thanks to a 14 days watercolor course at the Agean Center with Jun-Pierre last sommer 2013. I am still amazed by the idea that it is possible for a complete beginner like I was (I never painted nor drew before) to learn to get confident with the watercolour and drawing within such a short period.
Before I came I read a testomonial about the course written by a student in 2011: "I had learned how to draw, to paint, to see." This is exactly how I experienced the 14 days course.
I give this course my best recommendations,
-Jona Joensen, from the Faroe Islands, living in Switzerland."

"After two incredible semesters I completed my stay at the Aegean Centre with Jun's watercolor workshop. Jun's a fabulous artist, a fabulous draftsman and a fabulous tesacher (and a great guy too). He guided us step by step through the watercolor techniques. He teaches in a crips clear, well-structured, methodical way. His classes are packed with information, knowledge and inside tips, everything adjusted to the level and demands of the individual student, and at the same time they are great fun. Jun's always going the extra mile and super generous in sharing his skills and experience. Class lectures in the beautiful Aegean centre alternate with painting excursions all over the island, which gave us the opportunity to dive deeper into the layers and layers of beauty of the island of Paros and of the Greek culture and society. It was a journey of pure joy and beauty. I learnt so much and I would sign up again right away and I hope some day I will. Thank jou Jun, thank you Aegean Center, thank you Paros.
xxx Anna de Roo


"Despite my inexperience, Jun was always calm, patient and willing to lend gentle criticism or suggestions. Our workshop family was full of wonderful, supportive people and I know we all learned a lot from each other. Once you experience the Aegean Center with a group of people, it feels as though you share a secret and even if you told somebody else, there is no way the could possibly understand just how special of a place it is."
-Lydia Rhyne


The course kick started a whole new means of expression for me.  I wanted to learn to watercolor so that I could bring life to architectural/ industrial design drawings that I had prior been working on on the computer. Jun taught me the skills I was looking for in this workshop, which I now use on a daily basis in my career.  In terms of the experience of the workshop-the word heaven does not suffice.  You hop from one unimaginably beautiful spot to the next painting the scenery of a very special island.  Monasteries in the hills, expansive vistas, boats by the water, rocky landscapes, and white stucco villas were all inspiring places to learn the craft of water coloring.  Time spent in class learning technique and skill adds a perfect balance to the experience.  You land at the end of each day feeling fulfilled by the people you have spent time with, proud of the things you halearned, and inspired by this paradise."
-Lily Barberich


"The philosophy of the Aegean Center is that art can be taught. This concept has lost a lot of traction in conceptual art. I remember someone asking Jun [and I paraphrase] "What will you not let anything stand in the way of?" and the answer [not paraphrased], "I want to do anything that helps me be the best artist I can be". For Jun, mastering teaching is part of mastering his art; studying with Jun again after four years I was impressed that he pushes himself to live constantly on the edge of his skill.
At Jun's invitation, everyone in the class was equal parts disciple and teacher. The hours we spent painting were hours dedicated not to a hobby but to something we were, at least for those weeks, devoted to for our whole lives. By the end beginners and intermediate students alike deftly applied accurate perspective, a sense of form and light, and especially developed layers and richness of paint. Jun emphasized the last because it is rare in watercolor.
We spent long afternoons in the landscape I once called only white and blue - particularity unforgiving after Italy's chiaroscuro. Now, I thought of the landscape as a complex mixture of yellow ochre, burnt sienna and ultramarine. I wanted to articulate those beautiful tones on my paper.
Our conversations about color extended to our dinner in Lefkes, the original Parian hill town. From the taverna there, looking over the platia and church decorated with primary yellow and blue flags for a festival, we watched the hill turn from yellow ochre to warm grey and then to neutral density (a term borrowed from John's digital photographers); a combination of primary colors creating a neutral tone I am convinced is Paros' secret imprimatura. All the while, we talked about how we would mix the colors.
One day we dodged the light, and painted in the dusky pottery workshop Yria. There, my painting turned into a representation of memory – bowls lifted into an almost philosophical place between form and non–form, and I discovered the real negotiation taking place in me was between fear and wanting to become the best artist I could be. In addition to revisiting, relearning, and learning anew to paint with Jun, I gained something that can be applied both to painting and to poetry: the delicate process of articulating fleeting observations."
-Maia Bull


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