aegean center summer workshops 2019

The Craft of Watercolor

JUNE 10 - 23  (2 Weeks)

 Painting by Liza Court

Painting by Liza Court

Painting in watercolor is a play between the pigments of color, water and the brush.  The drips, marks and layers of paint interweave and enhance one another in the final image.   What may be an accident can be the strongest part of a painting.  Watching the colors move, allowing the water to spread and fill the paper, this is how watercolor becomes a form of meditation.   

In the Craft of Watercolor workshop participants will be immersed in study of watercolor in the ideal setting for the medium.  Painting fundamentals, technique and color will be explored as well as the study of drawing, specifically how tone, brush stroke and line can convey form, space, light and texture. The course will hold group critiques to provide feedback and discourse on each participants' works.  With just few materials needed for plein air painting various sites can be explored easily. The program will also offer scheduled talks and lectures.

The workshop takes place during the sunny month of June. The outdoor environment is accessible for subject matter with just a few materials needed for plein-air watercolor painting. The painting excursions are a wonderful way to explore the sandy coasts, olive groves, hills and port towns of Paros. The emphasis of the workshop is on acquiring the technical skills to interpret the landscape through the spontaneous and elegant medium of watercolor.  

The Craft of Watercolor workshop will hold group critiques to provide feedback and discourse on each participants' works. The workshop will also offer optional lectures and presentations about master watercolor artists through history. The two week long course will conclude with a group show.

"I learned how to paint, to draw to see."
-Jordan Husney from the Aegean Center Chronicle

Instructor: Jun-Pierre Shiozawa

Dates: JUNE 10 - 23  (2 Weeks)

Cost: $3,200

Price Includes:
Workshop instruction

Unlimited access to the Center's entire facility
Some shared taverna meals
Transport for scheduled activities
Boat trip and taverna meal full day excursion

“An additional one week extension on the initial two week course is available, 26 June – 2 July. Please indicate on your application if interested in the extension. ”

The extension is not a separate one week course. It is intended to allow students who attended the first 2 week course the opportunity to work more independently under the close guidance of, Jun-Pierre Shiozawa, and put to use skills obtained during the prior two week course. 

Cost: $4,000 (for 3 week session)

A Typical Day

In the morning after breakfast students gather at the Aegean Center studios. The morning sessions involve studies and conversations about watercolor painting methods and approaches. The morning classes enable participants to have the tools of expression when the time comes to go out on painting excursions.

After the morning course the students have an afternoon break, for lunch and personal time. The workshop then regroups after lunch for painting excursions around the island.  The excursions offer participants the opportunity to see and paint various scenes as well as explore the concepts of watercolor taught in class. 

Evenings are free with optional lectures and presentations at the Aegean Center. The topics include the history of Paros and great master watercolorists through history. Thanks to the long June days, the lectures end before sunset.


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