aegean center summer workshops  2019

figure drawing intensive

JUNE 10 - 23  (2 Weeks)

The ability to draw the human figure has long been held as the benchmark of a competent artist. Drawing the figure well lends confidence and is considered the highest level of drawing skill. As a species we are fascinated by ourselves and learning to draw the figure  informs us about our own nature. As artists we feel compelled to learn more about the secrets of depicting movement and mass of the nude.

In two weeks we can learn an incredible amount about the figure. The skeleton and the muscles will be revealed. The use of perspective, determining eye level, the problems of reclining figures, seeing the form from all directions will be covered. Using the classical Renaissance ideals of constructive drawing we can learn to build up the form from simple geometric shapes, use gestural expressive drawing for movement, negative shape for exactness , and  expressive line for contour. In addition we will use clay to build forms to clarify our thinking and understand the illusion of space that drawing must capture. The portrait will receive special attention.  We will use a variety of materials  from charcoal, conte and pencil to collage and paint. Be prepared for high energy, intense learning and great improvement in seeing and creating.

Instructor: Jane Morris Pack

Dates: JUNE 10 - 23  (2 Weeks)

Cost: $3,200

Price Includes:
Workshop instruction
Housing (Single Studio Apartment)

Unlimited access of the Center's entire facility
Some shared taverna meals
Transport for scheduled activities
Boat trip and taverna meal full day excursion

Instructor BIO:

Head of studio arts at the Aegean Center for over twenty years, Jane Pack is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. Her BFA is from Colorado State University and her MFA from the University of Illinois. She has had many solo and group shows in Europe and in the United States. She worked for several years in a fine arts foundry casting bronze and at a display company where she acquired experience in a multitude of materials. She is especially interested in traditional methods of oil painting and her abiding love is the art of the Renaissance and Greek vase painting. Jane's recent work of monoprints and paintings based on The Iliad was exhibited in two locations this past year. A limited edition book was published which contains all of the images from her work on The Iliad.


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