JUNE 10 - 23  (2 Weeks)

Optional one week extension is available for this course: JUNE 24 – 30

From capture to finished print we address how use of technical control informs our ideas and creative voice; how 'craft' is essential to the creative process fostering potential and possibilities for expression.

When keen observation, technical ability, practiced knowledge of craft and aesthetic awareness coalesce one is much more likely to make a successful statement and realize the goal of creating a fine photograph. 

We will work through the entire digital photography workflow including colour theory, calibration, building your own ICC profiles, scanning, camera work and materials.

The primary processing environment in our digital lab is on Mac computers using Adobe Raw, Photoshop as well as Serif's brilliant Affinity Photo. The printers we use are the Epson 7900 and 3880. We are doing our fine black-and-white printing using Jon Cone’s incomparable Piezography carbon black ink sets on a customized 388o.

Instructor: John Pack

Dates for Course I: JUNE 10 - 23  (2 Weeks)

Cost: $3,200

Price Includes:
Workshop instruction
(Single Studio Apartment)
Unlimited access to the digital lab
Use of the Center's entire facility
Some shared taverna meals
Transport for scheduled activities
Boat trip and taverna meal full day excursion

The One Week Extension

An additional one week extension following the initial two week course is available, 24 JUNE – 30 JUNE.  Please indicate on your application if interested in the extension. 

The extension is not a separate one week course. The one week extension is to allow students who attended the first 2 week course an opportunity to work more independently under the close guidance of John Pack and put to use the skills obtained during the prior workshop. 

Cost: $4,200 (for 3 week session)

Instructor BIO:

John Pack has directed the Aegean Center since 1984 where he also teaches digital photography. A ferociously proud autodidact he began his formal education in the arts in the California Bay Area in the late 60s at the California College of Arts and Crafts. He very quickly became disillusioned with large school pedagogic methods and began his own unique educational journey. The seeds of what he considers is the idea of true education had been planted during his work with Leon Ginsburg and Ignacio Peri at Laney Experimental College in Oakland California in 1970.

After leaving the Bay Area John lived several years on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. Upon leaving the Navajo Nation he taught photography at the University of New Mexico-Gallup for almost three years. At U.N.M. he developed and directed his “Tour of Light” photographic workshops with which he brought UNM students to the U.K. to study, or in his words, “...have 15 days of influence...”, with select British and Scottish photographers. He came to Greece and the Aegean School from UNM. Also a two time scholarship recipient with Ansel Adams, it was during this time he began further refining his own philosophy and approach for a small group Socratic–mentor based educational program in the arts.

John has taught master classes in fine printing at two schools in Athens, Photo Kyklos and Focus. He has exhibited widely and his work is held in museums and private collections world wide including: Museum of Man, San Diego, California, Museum of Northern Arizona, Wheelwright Museum of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona, Navajo Tribal Museum, Chase Art - New York City, New York Public Library, New York City, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., The Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware, Bibliothéque Nationale de France, Paris, Rivellis Collection, Athens, Greece. He recently finished a two volume bibliophile limited edition of hand-printed photographs and poetry in collaboration with British poet, Peter Abbs. His portfolio on the Navajo, with whom he lived in the 70s, has become a classic. 

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John Pack Mixing Piezo Inks with various prints from the two volume limited edition publication, “The Greater Journey”, which he created with British poet, Peter Abbs. 

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