Art History

Italian Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance art history class takes place during the Autumn Semester while we are in residence in Pistoia, Italy. Italian painting, sculpture, and architecture from 1200 to 1600 are emphasized, though older and newer churches are also visited. A long series of slide lectures parallels the touring. Since we stay longest in Pistoia we visit most of the ancient city's old churches, as well as three museums. Full days are spent in on-site study in Siena and Pisa. In Siena we go slowly through two museums, as well as the Duomo and other churches, and take an architectural walk through the city.  In Pisa we spend most of the day at the Piazza dei Miracoli, with its four great buildings (cathedral, Camposanto, Leaning Tower, baptistery) and their innumerable works of art. During our several days in Venice we visit the Academy Museum and the chief churches at length. During our four days in Florence we study many churches, all brilliant with famous artworks of the Florentine Renaissance. Several long architectural walks are taken through the city. Three museums are covered in detail. During our three days in Rome the class takes several architectural walks, with stops in many churches. A whole day is spent in the Vatican Museums and Saint Peter's. Slide lectures and seminars are presented on a regular basis to enhance and support our tours of museums, churches and historic sites throughout Italy, as well as Italian cities and landscape. Once back in Greece we address the history of art specific to Greece. Individual courses of study can also be arranged.